Totally Gourdgeous - Bio


Gourdy and gleeful, Totally Gourdgeous are back with a new album 'Pun Kin'. Mal Webb, Andrew Clermont, Penelope Swales and Carl Pannuzzo combine to form Australian folk's favourite pumpkin-souper group. Winner of the 2008 Folk Alliance Members Choice Award for best live act, Totally Gourdgeous play all instruments made from gourds (hard-shelled fruits of the pumpkin family) made by resident instrument-maker Penelope Swales. Infectious and exuberant grooves emanate from Gourd-guitar, violin, mandolin, bass and percussion overlaid with divine 4-part harmonies and laudably laugh-worthy lyrics. Come and dance til pumpkin hour!


Totally Gourdgeous have delighted festival audiences all around Australia, New Zealand and Europe since their germination in 1999. They have toured from Skagen, Denmark to Denmark, WA via London and Singapore and back again.They have released four albums and one DVD of songs celebrating love, courage and environmental sanity. As well as drawing on the talents of four songwriters, Totally Gourdgeous also perpetuate some of the finest songs of those no longer with our folk fraternity, paying tribute to Melanie Shanahan, Baterz, and Simon Nield.


All four members of Totally Gourdgeous are accomplished solo artists, and can offer a range of instrumental and singing workshops, as well as a presentation on how to make instruments out of gourds by Penelope. Between them, they've played with the Oxo Cubans, the Acapelicans, BluGuru, Dya Singh, Sock, Batacuda, Checkerboard Lounge, The Lawnmowers, 5 Angry Men, Heavy Earth, Aurora Jane, the Radish, The Spooky Men's Chorale, The Cat Empire and Lano and Woodley.



Mal Webb 0409 400 032,

Penelope Swales 0411 555 348