Totally Gourdgeous - Members' Bios and Workshop info


Penelope Swales

One of Australia's leading singer/songwriters, Penelope has built an impressive following both here and overseas by her exuberant performances that feature her deep passion for people and issues, presented with emotional honesty and a social conscience. A born story teller, Penelope talks to her audience directly, bringing them into the fascinating world of people she has met on her travels. Penelope is a very popular feature artist on the Australian folk scene, and has toured to Britain, Ireland, Spain, New Zealand, Japan, China, Malaysia, Canada, and the United States. She has released 10 solo albums and a stunning music video ÒBlack CarrieÓ available on YouTube


Workshop – Making musical instruments out of gourds.

In this hour-long presentation, Penelope will discuss the history of the gourd as a source of music, give advice for growing and curing your own gourds and cover construction techniques ranging from very simple instruments such as shakers and kalimbas through to basses, guitars and violins. Participants will be able to see the band's instruments up close and handle them.


Please note that for insurance reasons this is not a hands-on workshop, but participants will go away with lots of ideas for things they can try at home.


Mal Webb

B.Ed.(music) Melbourne Uni


Born in Melbourne in 1966, Mal started learning music a few years later and still hasn't stopped. He now sings and plays trombone, bass, percussion, guitar, mbira, didjeridoo, slide trumpet and a bit of piano and chromatic harmonica. He writes songs, plays solo and in several bands and gives workshops titled "Tongue and Groove: Your voice is the band". He has toured extensively in Europe, Asia and South America, and his other musical exploits include doing the music for comedy duo Lano and Woodley's television series and being the musical director of Melbourne's hit musical 'Wogs out of Work'


Workshop - Bandmouth with Mal Webb: A lip to lung global vocal adventure
Around the world and into your gob, vocal explorer and songwriter Mal Webb takes you on a lip to lung journey through the physics, physiology and phrivolity of all the sounds a face can make. Sideways yodelling, beatbox/mouthdrums/vocal percussion, harmonics/throat singing, mic technique, uvular fluttering, advanced clapping, vocal distortion (without hurting) and Inuit panting (way beyond Rolf Harris) are all explored on the way to being a band with your voice and the lead singer too.



Andrew Clermont

Widely known as one of Australia's biggest festival tarts, Andrew constantly tours Australia and the world with a variety of lineups including Dya Singh, The Borderers, Totally Gourdgeous and the Fiddler's Festival. Three-time bluegrass champion of Australia he gives workshops in fiddle, mandolin and guitar techniques and has a number of instructional videos and a huge swag of cd's available.


Workshops - A Crash Course To Musical Freedom – Guitar, Fiddle or Mandolin

How to make what you play, sound like it was always meant to be there. Slotting into someone else's genre/style, recognizing and adopting their idioms and producing the appropriate accompaniment. Rising above and around your Musical Plateau; and a bit on how to go ballistic musically. Lowdown Fiddlin` - Blues and other colours of the violin or mandolin. Andrew takes you on a path to explore and express yourself through your instrument/ from Blues to Happy Days. A simple introduction to modes of scales; reactive and interactive playing and working out just what is needed at the time.

Improvisation is but a few notes from where you are now!


Carl Pannuzzo

Carl Pannuzzo comes from a background of Rhythm & Blues, Blues and Soul and gives enchanting solo performances on the piano and guitar, playing like a demon and singing like an angel with a perchant for whisky. He has played and toured widely both in Australia, the US and Europe since the age of fourteen with The Checkerboard Lounge, Those Acapelicans, Totally Gourdgeous and Heavy Earth among others.


Workshops – Harmony Singing and Improvisation

Expect the unexpected! Carl's teaching style is as unique as the moment it exists within. Consistently tailoring to the relevance of the student or workshop participants, he has a well of experience and skill to draw relevantly from as his readiness makes him able to nurture and maintain the flow of learning.

Most effectively in tandem with partner Penny Larkins, their complementary and almost psychic ability to draw from the same source, elements of the real that create the flow for people in a learning environment, creates an unparalleled experience in creative process, outcome and ongoing benefit for students, choir members and workshop participants.



Totally Gourdgeous Members' Workshop Summary:

Tongue and Groove: Your Voice is the Band - Mal Webb

Harmony Singing and Vocal Improvisation - Carl Pannuzzo

A Crash Course to Fiddle, and/or Mandolin Freedom - Andrew Clermont

Making Instruments out of Gourds - Penelope Swales