(For Gran, of course!)

I asked my granny one fine day
What song she'd like for me to play
"Play anything", she said. "Just anything"
So being a precocious brat
I improvised a ditty that
Was anything, a song called "Anything"
And though its strengths were rather meek
With granny's help, I sought to seek
To tweak it 'til it reached its peak
The umpteenth week its soul did speak

But then a friend declared to me
"In Oliver, there's already
An ‘Anything’, a song called ‘Anything’"
"Oh gosh!", I cried. "Now that's the worst
Some dead composer gets in first
And nothing's ever new, not anything"
But great minds think convergently
And rip off inadvertently
A million monkeys might agree
We're all rewriting history

I'd do anything for you
If anything's the thing that brings you joy, that's what I'll do
Give me just a tiny clue
And I'll make true, through and through
‘Cos I'd do anything for you
I'd do anything you say
If anything's the task you ask, it's bound to be OK
Change your mind in any way
And I'll start anew, right on cue
‘Cos I'd do anything for you

If you ask me to do everything, I'd firstly make a list
If you wanted something badly, then I'd fail, if you insist
If you ask me to do nothing, then I'd give it all I've got
To do less and less ‘til nothing seems an awful lot
I'd do anything but go
Although if leaving's what you want of me, I won't say no
Just as long as you come too
Don't say "adieu", say "I do"
‘Cos I'd do anything for you

Intro: ll: C∆ l C#o7 l Dm7 l G7 ll Dm7 l D#o7 l Em7 l A7 l
l Ab7   l G7   l F#7 l Fm7(Gm7Ab7A7) Bb7 :ll
Song: ll A7  l '/,  l Dm7  l '/,  ll G7  l G+7  l C∆  l '/,  l
l C7  l F#7#11 l F∆  l Fm7  ll Em7A7 l Dm7G7 l C∆ l- Bb7 l
l A7    l '/,   l Dm7   l '/,  ll G7    l G+7    l C∆   l '/,  l
l C7  l F#7#11 l F∆   l Fm7 ll Em7A7 l Dm7G7 l C∆  l '/,  l
ll Gm7  l C7   l F∆   l '/,   ll Cm7   l F7    l Bb∆   l '/,  l
l Dm7  l G7   l Em7   l A7   ll D7    l '/,  l G7     l Ab7  l
l A7    l '/,   l Dm7   l '/,  ll G7   l G+7   l C∆ l '/,  l
l C7  l F#7#11 l F∆  l Fm7 ll Em7A7 l Dm7G7 l* C∆ l-(Bb7)l
*Tag: l Em7A7 l Dm7G7 l Em7A7 l Dm7G7(pause)l
l Ab∆ Bb∆ l Db∆ Eb∆ l F∆ Fm7 l C∆ ll

©Mal Webb 2005