The Buttercup

Grab yourself a partner, quickly now
We can dance the Buttercup and I'll show you how
It all came from a game we played for hours
Outstanding in the field of flowers
By the botanical name of Ranunculus
It inflames little funk unless the groove's improved
With a glutinous maximal Gambian move
A double entendre or two and you

Gently zoom that yellow bloom beneath your partner's chin
And there may show a golden glow upon that chinny skin
Thence your task is to ask the spread on which they're keen
Your voice should carry like Bootsy or Barry
Smooth as margarine, as you utter
"Do you like butter?"
Moove around with a dairy air
Churning arms and a bovine stare
Then flick that buttercup in the air
And walk away like you just don't care

So how'd you go? Did you do OK?
Did you bump into someone as you walked away?
Well, that's your new partner without a doubt
Updating's what the Buttercup's all about
Hug what you love, then let it wander
Yonder to ponder growing fonder
‘Til one day you're reuniting with 'em
Chewing the fat in ruminating rhythm (chewing that cud...)

Ooh, that's the Buttercup
If you don't know how it goes, just make it up
...No-one really knows when you mess it up
...Don't grow roots and vegetate
Good things come to those who gyrate

Well, how was that? Did it do the trick?
Did your timing suck? Did you splaff the flick?
Be free range, do it anywhere
My granny even does it in a wheelchair
There will, in turn, be those who spurn
The chance to enhance romance with a daggy dance
Let 'em stray on their gormless way
They may still cotton on someday to the Buttercup...

Well, that's about it, I hope you've found it fun
Now you're bound to spread it ‘round
To one and all, to stranger, friend and foe
Sow the seed and Buttercups tend to grow!...

© Mal Webb 2002

II: Bb7 - A7 Ab7 I G7 - *Ab7 A7 :II
*Bridge: ... Cm7 C#m7 II: Dm7 Ebm7 I Dm7 - Bm7 C#7 :II x3 Dm7 C#m7 I Cm7 I

Yessiree, it's a dance craze waiting (patiently) to happen. Relatively self explanatory except for "splaff": I thought we all needed a nice friendly sounding and onomatopoeic word for "premature ejaculation", so I made up "splaff" (which in this song is used figuratively, obviously!) It's been adopted widely and I'm aiming for inclusion in the Macquarie Dictionary in the next few years.