Cup Has No T
Studio version:
Live version:

The word "Cup" has no T in it and "Hive" has no B in it
If "Ocean" has a C, "Loo" and "Stew" should both have P
"Existentiality" should have both R and B in it
"Vision" has two I's, but should also have a C
Now, "Banking" and "Snooker" should each have a Q
And O should be in the word "Buy"
But for me it's too true, that "Life" has no U
So maybe it should have a Y x3

The word "Cup" has no T in it, but "Bonnet" has a B in it
If "Techno" has an E, then "Surprise" needs O and G
"Frenchman" sorely needs an L, "Deaf" has an A, so "Horse" should as well
"Divorce" should have an X or 2 and so should "Human Cell"
Now, "Cloning" and "Dolly" should have a W
And "Me" and "Myself" should have I
But for me it's still true, that "Love" hath no U
So maybe it should have a Y

İMal Webb 2000

This might make a jaunty companion to my other song, "Letter L": Don't you think? In my band, the Oxo Cubans, I once came up with a line for a press release that went "We R and always will B an R & B band": It'd didn't really suit us, but it lead me to write this little monstrosity. For the non-Oz, (Women's) Weekly, (Women's) Day and Who are Australian magazines of the gossipy variety. The rest you can work out for yourself: Some of it is pretty obscure, but hang in there and think laterally. Either that or give up and do something sensible.