The ugly duckling buckling under pressure to conform to the norm, fit the form
The other ducklings all think it's important he get his neck shortened, dye his down, they gather round saying

Dodgy dodgy dodgy, the little ducks say, dodgy dodgy dodgy, DODGY!x2

Oh, how the average can be so mean, is his pain a gain for their self esteem?
But the ugly duck says "I don't give a damn, I am who I am, all I can do is really

Try to be as me as I can be, try to be about as me as I can be"x2

The other ducklings laugh swim away, but one little duck decides to stay
She's kinda dodgy in her own sweet way, she waddles up to him to say "hey, I like you cos you're dodgy..."

So this daggy duo form a dud duck club, but so increasing reason for teasing
It's dodgy duck season, together their hearts bleed, through tears they repeat the Dud Duck Creed
"Try to be..."

Then flying onto the pond one day a long tall stranger comes their way
The mother ducks all say "Ooh what a guy", but something else catches his eye
He glides across to the ducklings where they're absorbed in taunting the dud duck pair
He says "why do you endure this abuse? You're a swan and you're friend here's a goose"

In a flash it all becomes clear, the big feet, the neck and the voice so queer
To be a swan's cool, all the ducks agree, they're all craning their necks and all longing to be dodgy...

 Duck chicks are quackin onto him, but his little goose friend's at a loose end, out on a limb
It seems geese are the least and get teased all day, so he leaps to her aid with a need to say

Whether you're a duck or swan or goose
To be stuck on what you're not's a lame excuse
Why not be as you as you can do
  Only you can be as truly you as you

  In another flash a backlash happens and the passionate pair fall foul of fashion
  Fickle trends tend to wend forever
But a swan and a goose can be friends however dodgy...

©Mal Webb 2006

It's an old story, but a goody... with just a few changes.