Doona Hog

Although she has enchanting lips, one thing about relationships
Is that there's bound to be some give and take
And while she is beyond compare, the witching hour you should beware
For there may be a sacrifice to make

Even when she's grumpy she's a vision divine
Her kids'll probably end up turning water to wine
But when we go to bed I get a chill up my spine
'Cos she's a Doona Hog

Her views on life make Dostoyevsky seem a bit light
She smiles and Max Dupain can't get the aperture right
But waking up I found I've been exposed to the night
'Cos she's a Doona Hog

Well, she has a subliminal lust for linen
And a grip so tight you'll never get it back
Oh why is it that ordinary men a women
Get greedy every time they hit the sack

She's more intoxicating that a bucket of gin
And it would take Rodin to cast the line of her chin
But give her 20 winks and she'll be reeling it in
'Cos she's a Doona Hog

She has a shape that only MC Escher could draw
Her IQ is a number only Bradman could score
But late at night she only likes to play tug of war
'Cos she's a Doona Hog

©Mal Webb 1994

i. l G∆ E7 l Am7 D7 l G∆ C∆ l Em Db7#11ll C∆ F∆ l
   l Bm7 E7 l Am7 Eb7#11 l D7 D+7 l
v. l G7 - Bb11 C11 l G7 Bb9 l G7 - Bb11 C11 l G7 Bb9 l
   l Cø Ebo Ao l Cø D7b9 l G7 - Bb11 C11 l G7 Bb9 l
b.l Dm7 G7 l C∆ F∆ l G/B Cm l D/F# G l Cm7 F7 l Bb∆ Eb∆ l Dm7 Eb9 l D/F#- - - l

Check out the three obscure fishing references in the "more intoxicating..." verse and then check out the three obscure card playing references in the 2nd verse of Fourth Arm. For further relationship guidance, check out "Paper Over or Paper Under" (a.k.a. Bog Reel).