Falling Out

<>It's falling out
And I don't really care
If I lose my hair
And cause a bit more glare

It's falling out
Hairfusion's not the way
And wigs are so passé
A shiny scalp's OK

Some call it hairloss, but the only loss I feel
Is the loss of lots of stupid friends who think it's some big deal

It's falling out
And I don't mind it shown
That my testosterone
Glands are overgrown

It's falling out
And every fashion head
Spends their life in dread
But when it's dead it's dead

Some call it hairloss, but that's not quite the case
When half of all the men you know are gaining forehead space

It's not all gloom and woe
Be cool and let it go
And let your scalp gain show

<>It's falling out
Don't hang to what you had
A comb over's just plain sad
And wigs can look tres bad
It's falling out
And it's alright that my
Genetic Barber's eye
Has really gone awry

Some call it hairloss, but I don't feel the lack
'Cos now that it's not on my head, it's growing on my back