For Sale.

Old McDonald's farm for sale in single acre lots
Packs of rabid scouts for sale that tie you up in knots
Perfect human beings for sale with brains at extra cost
And things for you to lose for sale when everything is lost

For sale, for sale, for sale, buy up big before the time runs out
For sale, for sale, for sale, put good sense away and get your dollars out

Houses made of bricks for sale as if they're made of gold
Jungles hardly used for sale, ten million years old
Pre-used plasticine for sale in one big purple wad
And telephones that shoot for sale that let you talk to God

Cars that crash themselves for sale, so everyone can watch
Barfly dippy birds for sale that only dip for scotch
Blow up dolls that laugh for sale to make you insecure
And draino by the once for sale, at least you know it's pure

©Mal Webb 2000

Yes, a song for the late 80's. Dippy birds are those little toy birds (filled with Freon refrigerant) that when placed on the edge of a glass, incessantly "drink" from it. Way cute. And there was a period when dealers were bulking up smack with Draino: Not a good way to keep a customer, I would have thought.