Little Green Fruit
(ala Pearlstead)
There's a choir arrangment of this here: As a set of pdfs or as a Sibelius file.

You hang in the tree looking ripe and big
But you insist on clinging to the highest twig
Well I plead and I pray, oh how I beseech you
Tell me how on earth I can ever reach you

Little green fruit up in the tree
Little green fruit come down to me
I'm going crazy wondering what I have to do
I've got a stiff neck from waiting for you
Oh oh oh, little green fruit come down to me 

Your powers of deception are beyond belief
How can such a luscious fruit look so much like a leaf
Well I give you a chop and I'm sure you drop
But when I get the bag down, you're still up the top

I know for certain if I left you there
All the birdies would flap down to get their share
You'd be pecked and rotten when you hit the ground
And for no guacamole would you be bound

©Mal Webb 2000

This came to me during a few hours of Avocado picking at Alison Pearl and Amare's farm, just outside Mullumbimby. A beautiful place and fab hosts. Ah......