Fun Detector

You’re out having lots of fun
You’re not hurting anyone
But someone says, “That can’t be done”
Well, that’s a fun detector
Oh fun detector, fun detector
Lower your brow and raise your finger
All these people are having fun
Something must be done
The mirth monitor’s on a raid
Thinks they oughta be obeyed
Come to rain on your parade
That’s a fun detector
Someone’s trembling at the lip
They’re about to let it rip
Going on a power trip
That’s a fun detector
You’re a wet blanket
With a rulebook head and a heart of lead
You’re a wet blanket
You mustn’t’ve been breastfed ...

İMal Webb 2000

I think the term "fun detector" originated on a Batacuda (roving drumming group) tour to Singapore, a land brimming with fun detectors, who are all the full bottle on the regulations and eager to let you know where and when you aren't allowed to have fun (i.e. most places). I'm not sure who actually coined the term: It may have been me, but hey, it's hard to know with that kind of authorship thing. The recording built steadily over the past few year, adding the horns, then the ukulele drumming ( ), then the mbira and finally the Suzuki Andes (Kylie's idea), which really caps it off! Yes, I can play that guitar solo live!