I like you like I like to breathe

It's more than love, it's symbiotic
Our lines are entwined so inextricably
We're so in love, it's symbiotic
How tangled can two world's be?

It's the algae on the sloth
The make up on the goth
The cappuccino and the froth
The flame and the moth
It's the flowers and bees and birds in disguise
'Cos we're stuck like gaffa

It's the lily and the frog
The postie and the dog
The flying spanner and the cog
The egg and the nog
We've got no time for binds and ties
'Cos we're stuck like gaffa

Tarzan's grip's got nothing on this
Like a giant clam puckers its lips for a kiss
Like a polar bear hug to keep you warm
Like a furtive glance from the eye of a storm

Oh, look at the sky
When you're going at the speed of a tree
The clouds fly by
And oh, that's the big crunch
Then it's you and me
And the cockroaches out to lunch
Cockroaches in gaffa houses

©Mal Webb 1997

Song about symbiosis, song about gaffa: Stuck 'em together. I used the music of this song in the Lano and Woodley soundtrack, so you may have a pang of familiarity when you hear it! Oh, and in case you're confused,"Gaffa" short is Gaffa tape (or Gaffer tape if you're formal), that black cloth tape used my roadies.