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Having done the 4th of our no-repeats livestream gigs, we're going to take it easy on the live front and focus on recording Notey and Noisy. But don't worry, there'll be more... stay tuned!

Past Livestreams:

March 29, Woodford livestream:

Mal and Kylie's no-repeat e-gigs series (with the song lists and times in their descriptions):
April 11:
May 9:
June 6
July 4:

April 9
, Retrosuburbia eBook launch gig with Formidable Vegetable is at:

June 24, Formidable Vegetable and Mal and Kylie's Green Futures Field's Glastogram sets (at 57:16 in the replay):

August 23 Tall Trees Festival: . Charlie's set (Formidable Vegetable) starts at 2:24 and the Mal and Kylie set starts at 2:48 (with Ky's song "Factories in China" at 3:09!)

Past gigs are at giglist.html

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