Got to go.

I've got to go because I've got to go
I've just got to go, I'm sorry, but I've got to go
I've got to leave you now
I've got to ride into the sunset
I don't know when or how we'll meet again
But it's a sure bet
On returning we'll restart it
Like we never really parted
"Thanks for having me"
My mum taught me to say as a lad
Even when things were bad
But I said it as I left a party once
And the dad said "thanks for being had!"
So don't think that I don't like your company
Quite the contrary; I wish that I could stay
For my love for you exceeds the cupful
Exponential each moment I'm away
I've got to leave you now
The time we lose won't be a big loss
'Cos when the fates allow
We'll get together for a good goss

©Mal Webb 2000

This song was written due to the obvious rock groove inherent in the the first line (the "got" is on the one).