Gotta Be True

You drive a BMW
The traffic doesn't trouble you
You drive around in a dream
You don't use your indicator
You're a wicked tailgater
And your lights are always high beam
The broken down or lost you avoid at any cost
And you never think to give way
But before you turn the key
You better listen to me
Cos it'll get you back some day

You've gotta be true to what you say and you do
Cos it all comes back to you

You never smile at a stranger
You're a doggie in a manger
Don't you take any time to give?
To all the buskers, the waiters
The pavement decorators
Cos they've all got lives to live
You never ever ever come through
With what you say you're gunna do
And you never turn up on time
Well you might look slick
And you never miss a trick
But you're soul is dirt and grime

You never pay for your meal
And you always have veal
You never think about the cow
You say you're gunna stay
Then you have to go away
And you have to be there now
You've slept with everybody
And your deals are always shoddy
And you've trod on every toe
Well, you might stand tall
Cos you think you know it all
But here's a fact you oughta know

©Mal Webb 1991

Gosh, I was a righteous git when I wrote this one!