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Totally Gourdgeous
  Formed in 1998, Australian band Totally Gourdgeous are four outrageously diverse singer/songwriter/musicians united under gourd. Indeed, playing instruments made from those woody cucurbits brings their music together to make folk funk philosophy to feed your wildest pumpkin longings. Penelope Swales (guitar), Carl Pannuzzo (drums), Mal Webb (bass, mbira and bugle) and Andrew Clermont (violin, mandolin and guitar) sing songs written by themselves and a few dear friends. Imagine Joni Mitchell and James Brown getting down in Bob Marley's pumpkin patch via the Muppets. Infectious eclectic beauty in the gourdiest of costumes. All the instruments are hand-made from gourds by Penelope under the guidance of home-grown, world renowned luthier, Jack Spira. They combine to create a manic, organic musical experience,
Punning Pathos
Heartfelt Hilarity
Messages of love, fellowship and environmental sanity.
To join the TG email here to email Mal and tell him where and what you'd like to be kept informed about.
For the latest recording "Gourd in the Act" (lyrics, listening and/or buying), go to our Bandcamp page:
And click here for the bonus tracks and more about "I Have a Dream"!

Physical CDs are available in shops through MGM distribution (or direct from that website) as well as their previous CDs, "Pun Kin", "The Stroke of Midnight", "Totally Gourdgeous" and "D'vine".
Their live DVDs, "The Bazaar Clips" (Live at Woodford 2007), "Shades of the Vine" (2014) and the latest, "The Ripe Stuff" (Live at West End)  are available for $30 (and the above CDs for $25) from Andrew Clermont ( ). Free postage in Australia!

“The pick of the festival” - Lindsay Pollack
“Destined to be the next Sensitive New Age Cowpersons” 
- Andrew Pattison, proprietor, Troubador Wine Bar.

Between them, they've played with the Oxo Cubans, the Acapelicans, Dya Singh, Sock, Batacuda, Checkerboard Lounge, Bomba, The Lawnmowers, 5 Angry Men,
Heavy Earth, Lano and Woodley and Formidable Vegetable.

They've played at the Skagen Folk Festival (Denmark), Nürnberg Bardentreffen (Germany), Auckland Folk Festival (NZ), Woodford Folk Festival (Qld.), Port Fairy Folk Festival (Vic.), Apollo Bay Music Festival (Vic.), Donauinselfest (Austria) and the National Folk Festival in Canberra. For details of future jaunts, check the gig guide (this links to Mal's gig guide, but you may prefer to go to Penelope or Andrew's gig guide).

Contact: Penelope Swales 0411 555 348

Totally Gourdgeous technical requirements:
Either click here, or:

Facing the stage, left to right, we have:
Andrew Clermont: Vocal mic and 1 XLR (for own Multi effect DI for violin/mandolin)
Penelope Swales: Vocal mic, a guitar DI and 1 XLR for Stompbox (own mic, to be EQed for strong bass end)
Carl Pannuzzo: Vocal mic, 1 mic for drum (djembe with cymbal, etc.) and 1 mic for foot shaker
Mal Webb: Vocal mic and 1 DI for bass/mbira

We all sit on stage, so we need four chairs without arms and boom stands for the vocal mics.
XLR means a mic (or "canon") cable.