Keen on You

Right in the middle of a friendship
The weight of one lip can just tip the scales
Now the looks are getting furtive
We could be hurt if communication fails

So if I'm barking up the wrong tree
You better tell me before I lose my head
But if the feeling is mutual
Then it's crucial you tell me that instead

'Cos I should have known the seed was sown
My love has grown for you
Oh, it could betray a good relationship to say "I do"
If you don't feel it too

I think I'm getting a little bit keen
I'm getting a bit keen on you
Tell me baby, what am I gonna do

I cannot deny that as you were walking by
Something about you caught my wandering minstrel eye
And I was thrown into the deep end, splashing around
Oh, could this be profound new love I've found? 
'Cos not until this day have I felt this way
I cross my fingers and my toes that this love grows
Not unrequited, short sighted or left in the dark
I sure don't want to be another Petrarch

If this emotional outpouring is embarrassing or boring
I don't mean it to offend, I still want to be your friend

©Mall Webb 2000

This is as close as I ever want to get to writing a cheesy pop boy group song.
All hail Video Hits!