Letter L

Letter L, letter L, let me love you to the limit
Letter L, letter L, life's a loss unless you're in it
Letter L, letter L, leave me laughing 'til I'm blue
'Cos the world is just a word without you

Hello, my name is Mal and I love the letter L
So I'll alliterate to liberate this lyric out of limbo
But alas I lack the label able to laud the lord of lore and legend
But luckily I like a lieder lazily imagined

Fluttered lashes, flowing locks, luscious lips and lusty looks
Lads and lasses lone and lovelorn line the leaves of classic books

Lest my lascivious libretto leaves you livid as a lily
Then this lyrical licentiate has lost his lean legality
But I lament I'm liable to allude to a lewd delusion
Lurks latent in lame libidos longing for inclusion

Leaping to the lecturn listing lavish lexicography
The language languishes along the ledger lines licentiously
Lears like an illusive loosely lucid loopy lunatic
Lays low the less alert with a laconic lack of logic

©Mal Webb 2000

Lots of dictionary work here. It took around 2 years to finish. My new song, Letter Spray, may well end up being a preamble to Letter L.