I heard a pretty magpie that sings in the tree
"Tell me dear bird what you're singing to me
A message of love? Of joyous good cheer?
Of sweet happiness for all mankind to hear?
(for all mankind to hear?)"

To this, the pretty magpie replied in a thrice:
"Sadly reality isn't so nice
I'm warning those near of my murderous streak
To clear off or feel the sharp tip of my beak

"Keep away or there may well be blood on the branches
And my foes know for sure there be no second chances"

And so unto the magpie I cried in dismay:
"How could you dare to mislead me this way
The gist of your lilting mellifluous song
Is twisted and foul! Are you sure it's not wrong? 
(Are you sure it's not wrong?)"

Then quoth the surly magpie, its beak in a sneer
"Humans are hopeless! You have no idea
Your arrogance fully outweighs your true worth
You're just one of billions of species on earth

"Kindly take no delight in my song of reprisals
Get out of my sight or I'll peck out your eyeballs
(peck out your eyeballs x lots)"

İMal Webb 2001

When my lovely friend Zulya was expressing her love for the warbling of a Magpie, our ornithologist friend Greg said something like "Magpies are evil... you'll hear the prettiest Magpie song just before bites the head off another". Thus the song. This is of course in reference to Australian Magpies and not the totally unrelated European variety, which appear to be far more peaceful critters... although, I could be wrong.....