Nothing's better than this
I mean nothing is better than this
When things are all amiss and everything's a bore
Nothing would please me more
Anything could go wrong, while nothing remains secure
A lack of space and peace and quiet are things nothing can cure

Some say there's no such thing as nothing
There's always something there
When all around is silent
Your heartbeat fills the air
The gentle hiss of tinitus
Your gurgling gut, your breath
The only way to silence this is... death

But no(,) nothin' ain't further from the truth!
No(,) nothin' don't make no sense!
This mega meta-negativity's forsooth uncouth and hence

Let nothing come between us
Accept(except) a state of bliss
We're(wear/where) next to nothing('s) so at one(once)
So nothing compares to this

Sweet nothings whispered
Nothing said aloud(allowed), de nada, mi amor
Think nothing of it being nothing
like I am an(') utter(nutter,) nothing more

Nothing makes me want to sing
Nothing brings me joy
When I say nothing floats my boat
I sing out "Ship ahoy!"

Avast avoid(vaster void) all things(,) come to nothing(,)
Meaning(s) some dismiss
This loud and crowded, crazy world
Nothing is better than this

İMal Webb 2015

This is part of my "Notey and Noisy" musical. Every part of it can be interpereted in two and often three ways. The parenthesised bits aren't to be said: They're cues to the other meanings that need to be considered when recitating it!