Pash Crush

I’m melting, I’m melting, your thermonuclear hug’s my drug
My ice has turned to steam to flow with the stream of the tides, the waves collide
I’m diving, I’m diving
Into your deep blue ocean
The devil’s nowhere to be seen
But we’re in between with our gods to play the odds
A smile so inviting, incisively enticing my lips to sink into the bliss
But who needs to breathe when I’m drowning in your kiss
I’m floating, I’m drifting
The sand is barely shifting, I’d cross the desert on a snail
For you in a crush so plush I want to pace the rush ...

İMal Webb 2000

This song was originally a little instrumental, but while it was being rehearsed, Nicky started chanting "Pash Crush, Pash Crush" in the breaks (inspired by a bottle of cordial that graced the table at Wayne's house). I then did the lyrics and it was recorded and played by Bomba. Now when I sing it (solo and with Into Wishing) I tend to drop the chant (at the risk of offending Nick), but for the recording, I re-added both forward and backward! This song uses a weird scale I made up: 1, flat2, 3, sharp4, 5, flat6 and 7. It's like a blues scale starting on the major 7th! It turns out that this scale is known as Raga Puriya Daneshri in Indian music.