Perfectly Wrong

Nature's kind of messy, the maths is all mashed up
Between friction, resistance and turbulence you get a half full empty cup
But I don't think that's a negative thing, while others probably would
'Cos correct and precise aren't always nice, appropriate or good

If it's not quite right for you and it's not quite right for me
With heart and mind, we might find just how perfectly wrong it can be
Perfectly wrong, wonderfully wonky, exactly out of whack, unashamedly shonky
 Awry's alright. It's why we belong. Perfectly wrong

The nature of attraction / Magnetic fields and gravity / We know what they do, but just what they are / remains a mystery
But I don't think that's a negative thing / Though it freaks some people out, when the compound confounds our chemistry with the element of doubt

The nature of acoustics, a note is never pure, once it enters the world, neither is a noise for that matter... Equal temperament is like a straight road through a rugged landscape. Every interval is slightly wrong. Bach is beautiful...

Pythagoras had for us his trusty little comma. There's no disputin' Newton knew all laws are flawed. Einstein was one rockin' guy had fine time as many questions as answers. Fritz Zwicky got tricky with his tired light

Forget about being in tune for a while and sing from your guts and your heart. If we focus on what's correct, if harder to find what's good.