Thanks, everyone, it was fabbo! Love, Mal

Right Here (Lantern Parade piece):
Main loop: Em Em2/D# Em2/D Em2/D#
Third phrase: Em Em2/D# G7/D A9/C# then
Chorus: C6 A9/C# then Em2/D#

Main loop: x75000 x64000 x54000 x64000
Third phrase: x75000 x64000 x53000 x42000
Chorus: x32010 x02020 then x64000

Main loop: 0430 0320 0200 0320
Third phrase: 0430 0320 0210 0100
Chorus: 0300 0310 (or 0000 0100) then 0320
The Lick!

Emir's theme etc.
Recording of the form: The gaps before the tremolo strings is longer and the second string break will be twice as long.


Emir's theme

Glock intro
Flute Theme 1
8 bar guit
Theme 1
Theme 2
Theme 1
Theme 1 speed up to stop on a Dm chord on 1

A Feather Falls
8 bar F guitar
Feather theme 1
8 bar F
Feather theme 2
4 bars F
Sprites (like Emir's theme 2 faster)   
James Bond
Elbows (Smoking Nest) x2 to cut
Pause to Violin drama tremolo
[Elbows - James Bond] x2
Elbows to cut (except strings...)
Violin falling 16 bars (at tempo)
Phoenix - James Bond x2
Phoenix x2 to short cut (with guitar hangover)

Arcade Fire - Wake Up

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Wednesday March 25, Notey and Noisy: A Sound Science Mathemusical at World Science Festival, Brisbane, Qld, Australia

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