Soy Dandy

Hear it on my 3rd album, "Dodgy":

Soy dandy, pour latte soy dandy
If you've any handy hand me soy dandy

No coffee, tea, bonox or brandy
The one drug to expand me can be soy dandy

Roasted dandelion root's therapeutic to boot
Though it's taste has acquired a disputed repute
Lighten up avec lait d'Legume or Bovine
If it's your cup of tea, honey, sure we'll be fine

And dandy, our livers demand we
Deliver soy dandy blandly or grandly

Though strangely, the French say "pissenlit"
While "dent de lion" is, frankly, soy dandy

Now, the tooth of the Lion is the truth of the name
For the leaf has a line which is somewhat the same
Just as "soy" must have been* from the Spanish "to be"
But two bees may or may not** mean honey, you see

How Gandhi, on legs thin and bandy
Walked in, took a stand, demanding soy dandy

And Teddy once begged Andy Pandy
"Lose Looby Loo's candy. You need soy dandy"

Like beaches are sandy, I need soy dandy
Like stud bulls are randy, I need soy dandy
Like beer and lemonade is shandy, I need soy dandy

İMal Webb 2001
**two bee or not... that is the question