I try to be everything to everyone in every way
 I try to be everywhere with every answer, every day
But I'm spreading out so thin, my smile's caving in
Until I'm slightly less than nothing to myself
It's not a race you can win
Go for a place within your skin

Horizons get closer the lower you get
They're rising if only to help the sun set
Well, the moon is in her ball gown and we're waltzing into space
And the band'll still be playing when we finish up the race

Gonna take the longest road to the furthest place
Gonna take the lightest load at the slowest pace
My turtle taught us how we oughta steer
So maybe when we get there we're gonna be right here
We'll be right here

The roses need a sniff, the dog could use a pat
It isn't that much, but it's making a start
And I won't panic if I hang for a chat
I only want to march to the beat of my heart

I'm dizzy, I must have been chasing my tail
Too busy to notice my bread going stale
Well, I haven't got a long face and I'll say it 'til I'm hoarse
But get these blinkers off and I'll probably find I'm way off course

© Mal Webb 2000

This song emerged after close to a half year songwriter's block. I got through by adopting something like the song writing vibe of my friend, Carl Pannuzzo, and this is what came out. It's dedicated to Copernicus and whoever made up that "A horse walks into a bar..." joke. I wrote the verse (the first paragraph) after the Totally Gourdgeous recording was finished and thusly it isn't included: That'll have to wait for next time.....