Walkabout Waterbottle

Walkabout waterbottle's come a long way to be here today
It's just plain water with a vague hint of soil, but it's worth its weight in oil

Every day what a lot of bottled water's shipped around the planet tipped to be fashionably sipped
It's a plastic, packaged promotional trap for something we should get from a tap
Importing water oughta be thought of as resources out of sync, don't need a handful of land fill with every drink
Yeah, recycling's good, re-use is better yet, but not to make it at all's the best bet

Full colour labels rave how they can save us, outrageous claims do us no favours
Saying "chemical free" is kind of pox, I'd guarantee it's chockers with dihydrogen monoxide
It's not naturally any purer to be from somewhere fancy free like France or Fiji
Get globally vocal, but go really local, oppose those disposed to impose disposable

Bottled water's but a salient example relating to a world of pointless packaging and frivolous freighting
And while demand meets supply, they'll suck us dry, so keep your cash, purge your urge to buy
Just give it to me straight, not refined or overly pure, cut all the waste and the hype and the overture
Though in the bedroom, instead, dub thee a knighthood, a little wrapping there could do the earth a world of good

İMal Webb 2009

In places where the tap water is fine to drink, bottled water is a waste of money and resources. When bottled water is necessary, the bigger the better, with reuseable bottles. Small plastic bottles imported from far flung places are the most wasteful, considering the used bottles mostly end up as landfill.