When No One Calls
You roam from room to room in gloom when no one calls
The house abounds with shifting things like pots and bins that sound enough like
Knocks and ring to make you drop your cheese on toast

You leave your messages in vain when no one calls
They languish on machines all over town
The red light blinking like a beacon in the fog of missed acquaintances

And all the roads are dead ends
There's no right turn with one way friends

The mormons gain a slight appeal when no one calls
And telemarketeers are your best friends
Their mythical five minutes tend to bend extending to and hour or more

Technology just makes it worse when no one calls
The modern most depressing thing's a mobile phone that never rings
And grips your hips and limbs like a mistletoe

And all the roads...

Socials forays flaw you more when no one calls
'Cos meeting in the street they greet you with
"How sweet, I almost thought of maybe calling you last week, but then I didn't"

To go out is to bout with doubt when no one calls
'Cos returning to your shack to press the playback
The engaged signals pierce this waking nightmare like a scimitar

And all the roads...

© Mal Webb 1998