My life is really pox, I've really got it bad
 I've got it worse than anybody else has ever had
The people starving in the third world really should be glad
Compared to me they've really got no reason to be sad
If they could comprehend the way I feel
They'd realised they've got a damn good deal

Have a good whinge
Have a good whine
Have a good moan
Don't just pout, let it out
Have a good weep
Have a good cry
Have a good groan
Oh oh oh oh boo hoo

You think I've got it good, that I'm unfairly blessed
But heightened expectations make me misery obsessed
So much free time and cash to waste and guilt to be repressed
You need an education to be nearly this depressed
My degree of tragedy's beyond your comprehension
If old folks knew I'm so blue, they'd all give me their pension...

Don't just fume, let it boom...
Wo wo wo...... woe is me
The more you have, the more you have to complain about

Get over it you say, but I won't be refraining
'Cos now I'll whinge about you whining over my complaining
A whinge whinge situation can be really rather draining
I'm waning just explaining it and damn it, now it's raining
  My despair's beyond compare, in time you'll learn
I've suffered for my art, now it's your turn

Don't just fume, let it boom
Don't hold back, go the hack

© Mal Webb 2007