Yabro (Yet Another Blatant Rip Off)

What's that song? I've heard it before
It sounds so familiar but who can tell for sure
All I know, it's likely to be yet 
Another blatant rip off you can bet
But I agree I'm too readily slagging its credbility
'Cos it could be, just as easily, a musical synchronicity
Well that's just crap, you can rest assured
While it's appealing it's bound to be a fraud
Whipped up quick in less than half a sec
Just to bolster up an APRA cheque
Well, I'm a big Stravinsky fan
Any old composer can beg or borrow 
But the real great composers steal
So watch that song sneak into your brain
Bounce all around and then slither out again
What remains haunting you is yet
Another blatant rip off you can bet

©Mal Webb 2000

This song was written in the shower as an instrumental just before a rehearsal with The Somethings. Everyone in the band, and every subsequent listener, thought I'd ripped it off, but no-one could pinpoint exactly what (the closest match is a fabbo song called Midnight in Moscow; but not really). So I wrote lyrics to it all about its ripoffedness. Stravinsky once claimed "Any composer can borrow, but great composers steal!" APRA (the Australian Performers Rights Association) collects money to distribute to songwriters: We like them!