Mal is and has been a member of a fair number of bands. Clicking on the highlighted band names will take you to that band's website.

Mal Webb and Kylie Morrigan is a duo, that expands Mal's solo show in a glorious way.

Totally Gourdgeous is Mal, Penelope Swales, Carl Pannuzzo and Andrew Clermont playing Penelope's fantastic gourd instruments.

Formidable Vegetable Sound System is Charlie Mgee's permaculture ukulele electro swing song. Mal plays brass, sings and does interpretive dance.

Oxo Cubans is tuba, sax, trombone, drums, percussion and vocals. All originals. Ground breaking band. Check the CDs list and the gig guide for upcoming gigs.

Simon Kerr Perspective / Music for a Warming World is a fabulous show about climate change that Mal plays bass, brass and melodica in.

Batacuda is a five drummer roving circus thang with Mal now very rarely (playing drums).

Sock was a 3 man out there vocal group (thusly he sings). Acapella trio, Sock was formed in 1997. It was preceded by a group called Milo, formed by David O'Brien (of Burst), Mal Webb (of Oxo Cubans) and Duncan Neil. Duncan and Mal were both into exploring the instrumental side of the voice and their meeting was an explosion of ideas and swapping of tricks. When Duncan sadly left, Dave and Mal sought the vocal and arranging prowess of Reg Ellery (of The Phones and Polyphony) to join the group. Thus Sock was born. The group made the most of the fact that all the members could fulfill any role in the group (bass, lead, beatbox, other stuff), so there's a lot of rapid part swapping going on. They're pretty funny too. They performed at several acapella/folk/comedy festivals around Australia for a few years. Although they've never officially disbanded, they haven't sung together for almost a decade now. There may be more!In recess: Quite a long one!

Into Wishing was Mal playing percussion, slide trumpet and voice, Leo Dale playing Baritone sax and voice and either Martha Baartz and Adam Simmons on saxes or Ben Gillespie or Shannon Barnett on trombone: Make sense? We did a great school show. Haven't played for quite a while though.

The Radish was a band that spontaneously formed around Mal at FRL festival 06. They then did Woodford 07/08, FRL 08 and now are rather ramping it up, with each player increasingly their own thing to the band. Extraordinary bassist Tim Bennett from Adelaide brings a level of funk yet unheard in Mal's songs, as does Charles Wall (drummer from Brisbane), who also adds a few of his songs (well drawing from his Samoan lineage). And Willow Stahlut (from Melbourne) wields her violin with a considered yet startling touch, drawing on her background in gypsy music. 

Crankenstein was Barb Dwyer (nee-Knudsen) on the hurdy gurdy and voice, Matt Goodwin (he of Utungan Percussion and Cleis Pierce's Group) and Mal on guitar, electric bass and trombone.

Singsibling was brothers Nic (of Lothlorien) and Topher Morrey (of Oak) with Carl Pannuzzo, Mal (on bass and vocal) and occasionally Lou Bennett on vocals.

Bomba, was a 7 piece funky reggae pop band in which Mal played trombone, slide trumpet and sings whenever possible. Rare, at the moment.

Brassica was arguably the loudest acoustic four piece on the planet: Tuba, trombone, trumpet and drums with hefty vocals. There are geographical restraints on the frequency with which we can play, but we love it.

The Somethings is Oxo Cuban Leo Dale's band with piano, drums, flute, sax and vocals (with Mal occasionally playing bass).

Adzohu is umpteen piece Ghanaiian drum, vocal and dance group entering its third decade, now enjoying a sporadic existence.

Honky Trash was 2 saxes, 2 drummers, Mal playing trombone and some heavy funk. Now sadly defunct.