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Who is Mal Webb? He's a vocal adventurer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Melbourne, Australia.
He performs solo and with several bands and gives workshops. For more, go to Bio, Blurbs, Flattering Quotes and/or Brushes with Fame.

News: I've got a bunch of gigs and festivals coming up in Australia before heading to UK and Europe mid June to mid August. And check out the oddity I just uploaded to YouTube: . And we've almost finished recording my show Notey and Noisy: A Sound Science Mathemusical (12 years in the making!)
I'm also working on a few new instructional YouTube videos... nearly done!

In other news, here're some more videos from recent times:
My Covid Community Health song, "Play a Part: Stay Apart"
Kylie Morrigan's "Self Isolation Smile" (with me and a bunch of friends around the world).
My "5 Times it's Wise to Sanitize" for Masada Hospital and the live action version.
My Risset/Shepard/Harmonic groove (which rises and speeds up forever!).
And a couple of instructional (and fun) videos: The Loop of Silence and The 5/16 Delay, which I've been working up to for years and I'm super chuffed with how they've turned out.
Plus Formidable Vegetable's Climate Movement and Waste and Dom Hook's video clip for my song "Give It Up". And there's the TEDx talk I gave in Geneva in 2017 .
My latest CD, "Not Nor Mal" is out now!!! Peruse, pursue and purchase it online or instore (CDs).
My solo DVD "Live and Instructional" is selling nicely, as is the new Totally Gourdgeous CD, "Gourd in the Act": See the video for their single, "I Have a Dream". All my solo CDs and the Sock CD are now available for listening and/or buying from Bandcamp (what a great site) or you can buy the actual CDs from me (see CDs). My band of 32 years, the Oxo Cubans, now has some footage online... check it out on YouTube.
My latest songs include:
Pinky and Moon, Pizza Resistance, There's Never Been a Saint Kilda, The Magical Land of Away, Fool, Home Sweet Homeostasis, Pod, Giant Gippsland Earthworm, Eunice, Peak, Make Stuff Up, Osculate, Don't Kick the Clown, Imaginary and my new Christmas song, YxMass. The last 8 of these feature BPPR... read more here!

Want to be kept up to date on my gigs? Click here for the eMal list.

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Instrument pages:
Mbira (Zimbabwean thumb piano)
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