Mouth Sounds
I've always found standard International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) charts to be overcomplicated for my needs and yet lacking in certain sound possibilities. So here is my alternative: It goes from an open note (Ah) on the left and systematically adds EQ/noise as you move across to the short voiceless noises on the right. And top to bottom is the position of the main restriction for that sound, from lips to glottis (vocal folds). I've used the IPA symbol "ə" for a schwa (the neutral or unstressed vowel sound) because the more commonplace alternatives (like Uh or Ö) were a tad misleading. I avoid the words "vowel" and "consonant" because they just confuse things: For example, W is really just U. And having Oo, L and R as equally "open" may seem odd, but hey, try it! And just because L, R and everything to their right in the Voiced sounds are usually called consonants shouldn't mean they can't be held as long notes (like, "foreverrrrrrr", "the llllove boat" and "younnnngggg at heart"). And it should be noted that the "purest" note (i.e. that which is closest to a sine wave) is the U sound.

Mouth Sounds