Written by Mal Webb

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Here's the basic gist of it:

Notey likes single frequencies. Noisy likes as many frequencies as possible, but the perfect note and noise have always eluded them.
So they visit a wise chap called Knowsy to try to work it out, but soon find out that the science of music is a series of near misses, shifting sands and slippery slopes: Nature's cheeky like that!

Notey and Noisy will tickle your brain as its two titular protagonists embark on an aural cerebral adventure across the unstable landscape of the Facts, Figures, Physics and Phrivolity of Sound. Deconstructing the nuts and bolts of music is at once joyful and terrifying.
Imagine a mongrel mix of the Goons, Victor Borge, Jacob Collier and Julius Sumner Miller.
As an audient once said, "I didn't understand it all, but it made me feel clever".

It's a 75 minute show, with Mal Webb and Kylie Morrigan, playing 7 characters and some of the most complex arrangements and looping they've ever attempted, with voices, beatboxing, guitar, mbira, trombone, slide trumpet and violin. It's a bit like a radio show (more than a little influenced by the Goons). It incorporates a projection of a spectrum analyser and a sweeping spectrogram on a screen that both helps the audience get their heads around the concepts and looks rather pretty.
  The show was developed with the assistance (and error checking!) of Professor Joe Wolfe (UNSW Acoustics department), who's also a brilliant musician/composer, and Linsey Pollak (instrument maker, composer and general musical genius).

Of the people who saw the first showing of Notey and Noisy, Josh Bennett (incredible multi-instrumentalist and certified music geek) said, "It's like the inside of my brain done as a musical".
And comedian Frank Woodley said, "Absolutely superb. A wildly enjoyable attempt to explain the mysteries of the profound pleasure of music. I love it. There's enough brilliant ideas in it to fill ten musicals. A wonderful witty tsunami of musical ideas, dense with the kind of beautiful melodies, astounding soundscapes and scintillating wit that I expect from Mal. A work of ludicrous ambition that had me dancing in my seat and grinning from highly stimulated ear to highly stimulated ear".

Despite what you might assume from the title, it's not a kids' show, although I reckon older kids will get it and even dig it! A nine year old who was at our first run with her mum, said, "I didn't understand all of it, but I didn't mind, 'cos I liked the characters so much... it was like looking through a window into a world I didn't know existed!" Cluey kid! When I asked if she though it'd work in her school, she said, "hmmm, it was good having the adults here". Yep!

Here's a 1.5 minute trailorette: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuAlmE19Ex0