Pinky and Moon

See it performed livestreamed in 2021:

"Gosh, Mal, look at the moon! It's enormous!"

"Well, actually the moon is always much the same size in appearance
Apogee to Perigee's just 12 percent in variance
The sun's about the same, by strange coincidence
400 times the moon's size but 400 times the distance hence
But when near the horizon they appear supersize indeed when lines of perspective meet with earthly points of reference
Heed the ancient seers who'd too oft dwell on why it seems low moon doth swell
It's tricking you to think it's grown, but put it in its place
By sticking something known between it and your face"

"Aw, you're so romantic!!"

You can always cover the moon with your outstretched little finger
No matter how huge it might appear to be
You may not believe it but soon not an ounce of doubt will linger
As you behold, at arm's length held, your meager midget digit's width eclipse that lunar glow and it's corona's all that slips by as it flips
That old illusion on its head, instead you might even swoon
As you align that syzygy of eye, pinky and moon

Then again, if you would rather keep the mystery, maintain the magic
Please don't let your poxy pinky party poop and pop that moon balloon
And so expose that slight of hand of God
Don't flip your finger at that fond, far flung face
Revealing its corneal cosmic conjuring
Just forget I ever said a thing...

When life's problems loom out of proportion, scale them back into tune
Meld allegory amid melody
Make malady a mere memory
Croon soothingly that syzygy of eye, pinky and moon

İMal Webb 2019

It's all true! And as, in the words of Sting, Giant Steps are what you take, walking on the moon, I've based it around John Coltrane's tune, Giant Steps ...well, I've used "Trane changes", which the tune features, going up a minor 3rd and down a 5th 3 times til you get back around the key circle (in a bluntened triangle!), hence: ||: C∆  | Eb7  | Ab∆  | B7  | E∆  | G7  :|| . I've also used the inverse of this progression, down minor 3rd and up a 5th as just triads ||: B  | G#m | Eb  | Cm | G  | Em :|| B  | G#m | Eb  | Cm | G  | , in the intro and verse*, which has a nice pop epic vibe, making use of the classic 4 minor to 1 major thang.
While I was writing this song, Kylie told a friend, Chris, about it and he said, "gee, party poop the illusion!", so I wrote the "keep the mystery" section to keep him happy.

*the inverse in the intro and verse... he he! Well, it's more of a bridge than a verse. Hmmm.