The songs on my CDs can be heard in full and/or bought digitally from Bandcamp and Totally GourdgeousOxo Cubans and Sock
are all available on iTunes (see CDs).
I also have a few lovely archival and unreleasable snippets on Soundcloud,

Below is a fairly complete list of my songs. Eventually I'll have a page for each of them. For now, the highlighted ones have lyrics and info. And for the ones that have been recorded, the group/artist and which album is given in parentheses. Mal Webb 1 is "Trainer Wheels", 2 is "3 Cheers...", etc. See my CDs page for more. For a song list with a culinary flavour, try the melody menu.

"Ad for Beer" (Mal Webb 4)
"All The Birds" (Mal Webb 4)
"Anything" (Mal Webb 2 ("3 Cheers..."))
"Anytime" (Mal Webb 2)
"Aubergine" (Oxo Cubans 2)
"Bike" (Mal Webb 1, The Boite, TG 1)
"Bog Reel"
(TG 3)
(Mal Webb 1)
"Brick" (Mal Webb 4)
"Brooke's Jetty" (Mal Webb 4)
"Buttercup" (Mal Webb 2)
"Carrot" (Mal Webb 2)
"Cobbler" (Mal Webb 2)
"Contraceptive Personality" (Mal Webb 3)
"Cope" (TG 2)
"Councillor Ed" (Mal Webb 2)
"Cup Has No T" (TG 2)
"Designer Dog" (Mal Webb 3)
"Diphthong" (Mal Webb 2)
"Djembe" (Mal Webb 1)
"Dodgy" (Mal Webb 3)
"Don't Kick the Clown"
"Don't Take It" (Oxo Cubans 2)
"Doona Hog" (Oxo Cubans 3, Sock)
"Drop" (or "Your One Drop") (Mal Webb 3)
"Emotional Baggage Handler" (Sock)
"Everybody Knows" (Sock)
"Falling Out" (Oxo Cubans 2, Sock)
"Flogged by a Feather" (Oxo Cubans 2)
"Follicle Drive" (Mal Webb 4)
"For Sale" (Oxo Cubans 1)
"Fourth Arm" (Mal Webb 3)
"Fried Larynx" (Mal Webb 3)
"Fun Detector" (Mal Webb 4)
"Future Generations" (Oxo Cubans 3, A Minute or Less, TG 3)
"Giant Gippsland Earthworm" (SwitchOn fundraising album)
"Girl of my Dreams" (Mal Webb 1)
"Give It Up" (Mal Webb 4)
"Gotta Be True" (Oxo Cubans 3)
"Got to Go" (Mal Webb 2)
"Grey Matter" (Oxo Cubans 1)
"Hate Me More" (Oxo Cubans 1)
"Helen Lane" (Mal Webb 1)
"Henrietta Lacks" (Mal Webb 4)
"Hibited Habited"
"Home Sweet Homeostasis"
"Hoover Head"
"Hug" (Mal Webb 1)
"I Don't Know" (Oxo Cubans 3)
"I'm No Better" (Sock)
"Jenny and the Pigs" (Mal Webb 2)
"I'm Leaving" (Oxo Cubans 1)
"Keen On You" (Mal Webb 1)
"Knees" (Mal Webb 2)
"Knot" (Mal Webb 3)
"Laksa"  (Mal Webb 1)
"Larry" (Mal Webb 2)
"Letter L" (Oxo Cubans 3)
"Litter"  (Mal Webb 1)
"Little Green Fruit" (Mal Webb 1, TG 1)
"Load" (Mal Webb 4)
"Look of the Living Dead" (Oxo Cubans 1)
"Magpie" (Mal Webb 3)
"Magical Land of Away"
"Make Stuff Up"
"Make up" (Oxo Cubans 3, TG 3)
"Missing Link" (Mal Webb 3)
"Moving It" (Oxo Cubans 2)
Nyurruwiyi (TG 5)
"Now that you're gone"
"Oblivious Man" (Mal Webb 4)
"Odd One Out"  (Mal Webb 1)
"One for Me" (Oxo Cubans 1)
"Over the Hill" (for Mary) (Mal Webb 2)
"Over the Hill 2" (for me!)
"One Man's Fish"  (Mal Webb 1)
"One Percent of One Percent" (Into Wishing)
"Out the Door"
"Packrack" (Mal Webb 2)
"Pash Crush" (Bomba, Mal Webb 4)
"Perfectly Wrong"
"Pi" (Mal Webb 3)
"Picture" (Mal Webb 4)
"Pinky and Moon" 
"Pizza Resistance" (TG 5)
"Plague"(Mal Webb 4)
"Porridge" (Mal Webb 2)
"Ringbark" (Mal Webb 1, TG 2)
"Roadworks" (Mal Webb 4)
"Rooster Tree" (Mal Webb 4)
"Roofrack" (Oxo Cubans 2, Sock, TG 1)
"Shoe Funk" (Into Wishing)
"Slabovic" (Oxo Cubans 1)
"Sound of Love" (Mal Webb 3)
"So Over You" (Mal Webb 4)
"Soy Dandy" (Mal Webb 3)
"Tension and Release"
"Thankyou" (TG 2)
"Think Too Much" (Sock)
"Take the Time" (Oxo Cubans 2)
"The Lot" (Mal Webb 4)
"There's Never Been a Saint Kilda"
"Tim Tam Slam" (Oxo Cubans 3) mp3
"Tip of my Tongue" (Oxo Cubans 2)
"TLA" (Mal Webb 4)
"Trainer Wheels" (Mal Webb 1)
Triangle mp3(Mal Webb 2)
"Turtle" (TG 1, Mal Webb 3))
"Two and a Dog" (Oxo Cubans 2, Mal Webb 1, TG 3)
"URFES" (Mal Webb 3)
"Walkabout Waterbottle"
"Wake up" (Mal Webb 2)
"Waterbear" (Mal Webb 1)
"Whinge" (Mal Webb 3)
"When No-one Calls" (Sock)
"Win" (Mal Webb 4)
"Yabro" (Into Wishing, Oxo Cubans)
"You Don't Know" (Sock, Mal Webb 2) mp3
"You're Grouse" (Mal Webb 2)


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