(Phylum Tardigrada)
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I wish I were a waterbear
Then I'd be comfy anywhere
In a vacuum, boiled or frozen
Centuries of happy dozing
Pressure never leaves you in despair
When you're a waterbear

I wish I were a waterbear
Politically so unaware
No more fashion, pain or gain
'Cos with a microscopic brain
Your heaven is a clump of moss to share
When you're a waterbear

I wish I were a waterbear
A mighty mite with time to spare
Never have to prove your worth
A minor impact on the Earth
And little need for water, food or air
That's why I really want to
Be a waterbear.....(sing along!)

İMal Webb 1999

Tardigrades are microscopic animals that live peacefully in damp places all around the world. Magnified, they look somewhat like eight legged bears and thus the nickname, Waterbears. Recent research has shown that they can survive nearly anything: Freezing, boiling, 6000 atmospheres of pressure and a total vacuum. And should their water dry up, they can shut down and survive for more than a century. (New Scientist really is a bloody good read!)
For more info on Waterbears, go to: or (mostly in German, but great photos).

And here am I, singing it live: