(or "Your One Drop")

It's just a drop in the ocean you say
It wouldn't make any difference anyway
But the ocean's nothing more
Than a whole lot of drops like yours
Your one drop could make a splash
Make a ripple, make a wave
That'll roll non-stop
And ride a rising tide of resonating thoughts
Provoke a commotion
Requiring a voice, promote locomotion
Movement of the feet to deplete that defeated feeling
Stamp out your doubts out loud
Imagine your drop up high in a thunder cloud
Raining down on the arm of a farmer or maybe
It could be a tear on the cheek of a baby
Dew on a spider's web at dawn
Is it a spit drip flipping from the lip of a glib politician?
Is it the final critical addition to a magic potion?
An unending blending harmonizing emotion
Mix right through
'Til you are the ocean and the ocean is you
Let a metaphor be a matter for discussion
Don't underestimate the repercussions
Your ways could well
Strike a chord or ring a bell
Infinity stretches large and little
Which leaves you right in the middle
Despite the big bill
Your amount can still count

İMal Webb 2006

II: F   I C  I G  I Am  :lI

There's a type of reggae groove called a One Drop, where the kick drum (bass drum) is on the 2 and 4 (where the snare usually is) and there's nothing on the one... hence the name. Bob Marley has a beautiful song called "Feel it in the one drop" you might have heard. My song is, typically for me, a big gang of word plays and metaphors linking the one drop groove with the "drop in the ocean" phrase, which has always annoyed me when people use it as an excuse for political, environmental and social apathy. Although, if you don't use it like that, then please excuse my use of the second person in the song... I was trying to be direct without being too preachy.

Now, as for the chord changes, you'll probably find it familiar, as many songs use this progression of chords. "Drop" swings between 5641 and 4156 (the 6 chord being a minor), but more typically these chords start on the 1 chord (1564) and sometimes the 6 (6415).
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