One Man's Fish

One man's fish is another man's poisson
Cooked bread, raw toast
Wet dirt, dry mud
Tuna of the barnyard, camel of the sea
Pigeon of the sewer, potato of the tree
Overground rabbit, underground tabby
Two dollar cavey
Narrow minded could mean focussed
But broad minded could mean vague

©Mal Webb 2000

A wordy song. The last two lines are the important bit. The rest is just stuffing around. It may be stating the obvious, but it combines the old saying, "One man's meat is another man's poison" and that fact that poisson is French for fish: You do the rest. For lines 4-7, you should know these old descriptions: Chicken of the Sea (tuna), Ship of the Desert (camel), Rats of the Air (pigeons), Pomme de terre- Apple of the Dirt (potato), Underground Chicken (rabbit), Rabbit of the Rooftops (cat) and Guinea pig (which is more accurately called a cavey, of which there are several larger sizes). The music borrows heavily from the music of the Manding people (Guinea/Gambia/Mali/Senegal) and their instrument the Kora, which is a 21 stringed gourd harp. Epizo Bangoura, a brilliant Guinean musician now living in Australia, tells me that my guitar part is eerily similar to one of his family's song (inadvertently, of course!)