Oblivious Man

Oblivious Man, he’s the guy
When trouble’s at hand, he walks on by
Up in the air and down on the ground
He’s unaware of all that’s around
Mr Oblivious
Captain Oblivious

Oblivious Man’s never fussed
With head in the sand, he’s non-nonplussed
Hints miss completely, his skin is thick
Even the subtlety of a brick ...

How is it he came to be this way? A falling coconut? A dodgy pie? A cosmic ray?
Was he born so free of gorm? Could this be how he’ll stay?

Oblivious Man, he’s the best
When crap hits the fan, he stays unstressed
Signs never seen and words never heard
So unperturbed by all that’s occurred
And he’ll never know that he’s got a song!

Oblivious Man has no vice
If you need a hand, he won’t think twice
Chats to the bad guys, bores them to tears
Gross halitosis adds to their fears ...

See him blithely stride into the fray
The bad man’s plans don’t stand a chance with OM in the way
Evil’s inadvertently averted by feet of clay

Oblivious Man’s not alone
His unwitting clan of clones has grown
Random abandon, roaming unfazed
Age, race and gender, equally dazed

Mr Oblivious/ Sister Oblivious
Lord King Oblivious
Grand Dame Oblivious
General Obliviousness.

İMal Webb 2007-2012

Once my niece, nephew and sister were playing music for my Gran in the public space of her nursing home and all the residents there were loving it. But then a guy came in a started vacuuming, completely oblivious. After a few seconds of stunned incredulity, I began to make up a song for him called Oblivious Man, which all enjoyed greatly except for him, as he remained oblivious! Eventually a nurse came in, assessed the situation, got his attention and suggested that he do the vacuuming later, due to the music going on. He replied, "Oh, OK" good naturedly and wandered off.
I continued to work on the song, making the charactor more of a superhero (like a extreme version of Roger Ramjet) who has no idea he's saved the day. Around that time, an aimator called Evan Newby contacted me about collaborating. I checked out his website and he had a cartoon called Oblivious Man, who was pretty much my charactor, in drawn form! Now my song is finished, I think OM needs to come to life... we have plans!