The world’s got a fever
And we’re the disease
It’s gunna sweat it out
’Til the frogs and the bees are down on their knees
We’re a plague, we’re a plague
We make the rats and rabbits seem vague
Dutifully deluded by the doings of the deities
Chronic economics say the rate’s great the way it is
Breeding believing our innate ape imperatives
Don’t get me wrong, I think kids are grand
It’s all just a little out of hand
Why be so negative? It’ll be OK
Nature’s a mother, she made us this way
Any shortfall can be fixed by technology
Surely it’s folly to be at odds with our biology
Let’s be a plague together
Forever we’ll conquer the world
Be happy and vague, whatever
Have faith in our fate as our future’s unfurled
The world’s got a lurgy
And more is not the answer
We think we’re pretty smart
But our oversized brain’s both the chemo and the cancer
We’re a plague, we’re a swarm, yes
We make the toads and locusts seem gormless
Don’t get me wrong, I think kids are great
I just long to leave the world in a decent state.

İMal Webb 2010

Overpopulation is a tricky subject and I wanted to express that in a song. I resolved long ago not to have kids, both for the sake of the planet and out my desire to be a good uncle (and faux unk), which I think is a very important role to play... OK, yes, there's a little fear and selfishness thrown in there too... I do love the mummy back guarantee! This started as a solo voice piece, but adding Ky's violin really helps express the lyrics to their full extremes, from thrashy face punk to faux Disney.