If you have any questions PLEASE check this site for the answers before emailing me to ask things like "where are you playing?"or "how do I buy your CD?": There're lots of links on my homepage. I'm trying to spend less time on the computer and more time doing music (and other things!)
So, to contact me or/and to be put on my eMal list, email me at:
Receiving eMal is very safe and secure. As I Bcc everything, your address can't be snaffled by others and I promise I won't send you too much stuff: Definitely no forwarded messages or anything except text and a little html about upcoming gigs. And removal is a breeze! I have lists for: All Areas, South NSW, North NSW, ACT, Vic, Qld, SA, NT, WA, Tas, NZ, Asia, Africa, Europe, UK, Ireland, US, South America, Canada and the special "Only inform me about big things like CD releases" list. Alternatively you can keep in touch via YouTube or Facebook

If you not getting eMal and you think you should be, there are 2 possible reason. Either 1) Your spam filter is blocking me and you need to whitelist my address, or, 2) I lost your address when my harddrive failed whilst backing up in Jan 08, wiping all my email addresses from a year and a half prior! Lesson learnt, but if you were on my email list, you might have to try again. Soggy about that.

Snailmail: P.O.Box 1521, St. Kilda Sth, Vic, 3182 Australia
Phone: +61(0)409400032 when I'm in Australia.

Outside links:

Friends and Music sites.

Andrew Clermont (of Totally Gourdgeous):
Baterz (dearly departed fab songster):
Bee Williamson, my graphic designer/photographer:
Bobby McFerrin:
The Boite (world music association):
Leo Dale (of the Oxo Cubans):
Michael Franks (one of my fave songwriters):
Music Outback:
Penelope Swales (of Totally Gourdgeous):

Plain Weird.
Brilliant beatbox cooking show with Beardy Man from UK:
Ping pong (amazing... really!):
Men who look like Kenny Rogers:
Strindberg and Helium:


Whitney maths/music patterns (just like The Triangle, only different):
Waterbear/Tardigrade/Bärtierchen info:
New Scientist (Fab Mag):

Word nerdy stuff.

A Word A Day (a great free service):
The Anagram Server: