Aside from my 1564 song list, I do like a good list. Here're a few more. Some of these have been added to by Facebook posting... thanks guys!

Words that can be noun, verb, adjective and adverb:
Well, Fine, Fast, Right, Wrong, Left, Long, Okay, Light and Shit

  Clap Clap Songs.
Songs that feature a double clap, 2 claps in quick succession, used as a melodic motif in the song.
There may be other claps involved in the groove, but it's all about the "clap clap" feature.

"Little Red Corvette" (Prince)
"Little L" (Jamiroquai)
"Morning Train" (Sheena Easton)
"The Things We Do For Love" (10cc)
"For What It's Worth" (Buffalo Springfield)
"It's Raining Men" (Weather Girls)
"Men in Black" (Will Smith) - sampled from "Forget Me Nots" (Patrice Rushen)
"Rasputin" - (Boney M)
"Private Eyes" (Hall and Oats)
"Shine a Little Love" (ELO)
"Fraggle Rock" Theme
"Single Bed" (Foxx)
"Rock the Kasbar" (The Clash)
"Too Much Time on My Hands" (Styx)
"The Time Is Now" (Moloko)
"We Used To Be Friends" (The Dandy Warhols).
"I Won't Let You Down" (OK Go)
"Ai No Corrida" (Quincy Jones)
"Welcome Back Kotter (John Sebastien)
"I'm Gonna Make You a Star" (David Essex)
"Rock Your Body" (Justin Timberlake) into the breakdown.
"The Dream Police" (Cheaps Trick) just near the end.
"Living in Miami" (John Cougar) in the intro.
"Settle Down" (Kimbra) at the very end.
"Clap Your Hands" (Sia)
"Shoorah Shoorah" (Betty Wright)
"Shack Up" (Banbarra)
"Love Letter" (Clairy Browne & the Bangin' Rackettes)
"Play It Cool" (Super Furry Animals)
"Dreamboat Jack" (Hey Geronimo) and great film clip!
"If you're happy and you know it" (Anon)... of course!

"Space Oddity" (David Bowie) in the middle riff bit (slow)
"I Don't Like Mondays" (Boomtown Rats), double 2 clap!
"Another One Bites The Dust" (Queen), just the breakdown.
"It Feels like I'm in Love" (Kelly Marie) is with "ch ch" in place of a 2 clap.
"Video Killed the Radio Star" (The Buggles), in the instrumental break, has a roto-tom doing a clap clap impersonation.

Clap clap grooves (not so much a melodic element):
"January" (Pilot)
"Magic" (Pilot)
"Radio Ga Ga" (Queen)
"I Do" (BeachBoys)
"Graceland" (Paul Simon), off beat double clap.
"Shiny Happy People" (REM), as above.
"Close To Me" (The Cure), 2 1 2 claps in the groove.
"My Boyfriend's Back" (The Angels), a double 2 clap groove.
"The Loved One" (Loved Ones), waltz style.

Stuttering Songs
"Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet" (Bachman–Turner Overdrive)
"My Generation" (The Who)
"Changes" (David Bowie)
"Single Bed" (Foxx)
"My Sharona" (The Knack)
"Foolin’" (Def Leppard)
"Jive Talkin’" (The Bee Gees) - It's subtle... just on "L-l-l-love talkin'..."
"Benny and the Jets" (Elton John)
"Sussudio" (Phil Collins)
"Lola" (The Kinks)
"Bad to the Bone" (George Thorogood)
"Mama's Boy" (The Ramones)
Cherry Bomb (The Runaways)
"Too Much Time on My Hands" (Styx)
"Stacy's Mom" (Fountains of Wayne)
"What Makes You Beautiful" (One Direction)
"Drive By" (Train)
"Stutter Rap" (Morris Minor & Majors) I was reluctant to put this in, as it always annoyed me.

Great English bass players called John, all famous for their reserved stage presence:
John Entwhistle (The Who)
John Paul Jones (Led Zepellin)
John McVie (Fleetwood Mac)
John Deacon (Queen)
John Symon Asher "Jack" Bruce (Cream)
John Wetton (King Crimson, Uriah Heap)
John Lodge (Moody Blues)
John Illsley (Dire Straits)
John Harrison (Hawkwind)
John Joseph Wardle AKA Jah Wobble (PIL)
John Dalton (The Kinks... later on)
John Taylor (Duran Duran... OK, he's not so reserved)
Johnny Rotten (Sex Pistols... very not reserved!)

Songs featuring the C to C/G thing:
Hill St Blues theme
Get Used to It (Roger Voudouris)
What a Fool Believes (Doobie Bros)
Believe it or Not
Cheers theme
Jump (Van Halen)
Almost Paradise (I didn't know this one!)
Jessica's Theme (obscure indeed)
Don't Talk Anymore (Cliff Richard)
Dance With Me (Orleans)
Still the Same (Bob Seger)
If You Leave Me Now (Chicago)
Diamonds (Chris Rea)

Lorraine songs.
"Here's comes Lorraine again"
"I can't stand Lorraine"
"Who'll stop Lorraine?"
"Set fire to Lorraine"
"Lorraine in Spain"
"Singing in Lorraine"
"I bless Lorraine's down in Africa"
"Have you ever seen Lorraine?"
"Lorraine broke her neck, sean"
"Just walking in Lorraine"
"You left me standing in Lorraine"
"Down came Lorraine and washed poor Incy out"
"Lorraine bow connection"
"Lorraine came down in sheets that night"

Meanings of "Mal"

Afrikaans - Mold / Crazy
Albanian - Mountain
Basque - Bad
Catalan - Bad
Cebuano - Kapok
Corsican - Bad
Danish - Goal
Dutch - Mould / Crazy
Esperanto - Bad
French - Wrong
Galician - Bad
German - Times
Haititan Creole - Times
Indonesian - Mall
Irish - Bad
Italian - Ache
Korean - Goods
Kurdish - The house
Luxembourgish - Times
Malagasy - Times
Maltese - With
Norwegian - Goal
Portuguese - Bad
Romanian - Shore
Scots Gaelic - Bad
Slovak - He had
Spanish - Wrong
Sundanese - Mall
Swedish - Moth
Turkish - Good
Welsh - Bad
Western Frisian - Times
Yiddish - Times

Punjabi - Grime
Vietnamese - Blood (Mu)

Plummet Airlines
Plummet Airlines was invented by members of the Oxo Cubans (mainly Gavin, Leo and myself) on many a long plane trip. Here's some of the slogans and stuff we came up with. Things do get a bit weird toward the bottom of this list... that's Gavin for you. Have fun! Love, Mal

Good to the last drop.
You'll fall for us at Plummet.
Everyone's just dying to fly Plummet.
No stress, no pressure.
The down to earth airline.
The sky's the limit.
Prices are plunging.
We'll stop at nothing.
Get down! Get Plummet!
You'll be knocked out by our cabin service.
Don't let the other airlines get you down... try Plummet!
We'll keep you well informed: We'll never leave you up in the air.
From terminal to terminal.... we'll get you the dead on time.
No hold ups.
Competition is tough, but we're meeting the other airlines head on.
2005 smash hit airline of the year.
Take the plunge.
When it comes to the crunch - we're there for you.
Join Plummet airline's "One Wing" Club, our VERY exclusive frequent flyer program.
This week our kid's magazine, "Drop Zone", offers a crash course in being a pilot.
Fresh ground-plunger coffee available.
Our regional carrier, Dodo Air.
They go updiddly up up...
We offer express check out

Cabin announcements:
Cabin crew arm doors and cross fingers.
As you've not flown with us before, please pay attention to our emergency procedure.
We'll dim the cabin lights and you'll be sure to rest in peace
On the observation deck, you can wave your dearly departed goodbye.
To prepare for descent, please place your seats in the fall back position
We hope you enjoyed our unexpected stopover in New York.
Your meal will shortly be served. A mask will drop from above your head.
Please do not use mobile phones until the plane is well inside the terminal building.
While we hurtle towards the earth, sit back and enjoy our in house music…. big ol jet airliner, don't carry me too far away ……smoke on the waaaater….fire in the sky….I get no kick in a plane...
Be careful with the overhead lockers as your bags will have shifted during the flight.
As we continue our descent towards the, umm…airport, we ask you to return to your seat and please keep hold of your boarding pass so that your charred remains can be identified ….
We announce that we are attempting a landing and the pilot has switched on the No Smoking signs …(crackle crackle ) …extinguish……(static)…….…..plane………..smoke alarms…(buzz)……fruit bins…………terminal.
For any complaints about the sticky residue on your baggage, please go to Claggage Blame;
For enquiries about pulverized luggage, contact our ground staff.
We thank you for risking your travel arrangements with us.
"I loved our holiday with Plummett: Rome, Paris, New York…our bags went to Florida, Portugal, Xian…"